LTN Training programs

Our training workshops have been developed through experience, and presented with loads of real-life case studies for discussion. We facilitate an interactive training environment where participants have to apply the insight they gained to case studies on a continual basis. We focus on a niche in the innovation market, that of building capacity for taking a physical product to market from its conceptual stage. We promise you will never be bored, but will enjoy our lively and colourful approach to learning.

Here are two quotes I received from participants:

  • I did really enjoyed working with you, and I did really learn from you in those couple months that I did not learn in four years of my college.” – Aziz
  • Working with you was an honour, excellent learning experience and good time” – Yaser

Innovation champion and innovation team training

1. Two-day Innovation Stimulation workshop

Traditionally, innovation business incubators equip their candidates from the point where the candidate arrives at the incubator with a specific concept, or product already in his mind. Very little opportunities exist to empower entrepreneurs to become inventors. Once they understand what tools are available to them in terms of latest research and cutting edge technologies and materials, it is much easier to spot opportunities for innovation in the market, conceptualise new products and create new companies. This two-day training program addresses this issue.

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2. Five-day Innovation High performance team training

This knowledge-sharing session provides a brief overview how creative thoughts can lead to new concepts, designs, prototypes and eventually to new products.  It shares insight into new types of materials available that makes new products possible.  Trainees will obtain good understanding into different manufacturing methods, how to do market research, intellectual property and different methods of unlocking value.

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3. Ten session Innovation Champion Training

Every innovation project requires a well-skilled and experienced champion driving the process towards commercialisation. These Innovation Champions are very hard to find. However, if you can identify a group of exciting entrepreneurs, we will help you converting them to Innovation Champions.

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