This division of LTN was inspired by our trusted relationships within the Saudi market.  Saudi Arabia is a country of great opportunity during its transition from oil-based to knowledge-based economy. In the process of establishing an innovation eco system, there are numerous training and education opportunities.  Thousands of young Saudis need skills and jobs to support their industrial development across all market sectors. To this extent LTN support the Saudi initiative by adding our key strength – creating structure from grey areas. We identify collaborative opportunities, package them as new projects, get them funded and create win-win companies for all stake holders. We work closely with the Saudi government support organisations who offer support services, but also draw on the established relationships with key champions within industry.  Some of the projects we’re working on are:

We believe Open Innovation can provide Saudi Arabia a major thrust forward towards becoming a knowledge economy. Through projects we establish win-win businesses that benefit Saudis and establish long term collaboration relationships.