Open Innovation

There are more clever people outside your organisation than inside – so why not benefit from their innovation and brain power? You also might have solved a problem someone else is struggling with, and willing to pay for.  Why not sell it to them?  This is Open Innovation.

Open Innovation (OI) is here to stay, and innovation will become more competitive.  Being able to promote IP effectively will become the greatest challenge of IP owners. Tapping into established technology scout networks is key to expose your IP to the right people – and be taken serious.

Small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) often struggle to access major international companies.  By promoting your technology on established OI companies, recipients will consider it as credible technology.  We also allow you to access the right individual in target companies.

Large organisations –We can promote your technology needs anonymously so that you can benefit from the global open innovation community.

Governments – We help identify technology trends across a variety of industries, and advise where government support is required.  We also promote technologies from national research institutions, facilitate the licensing thereof, source national strategic technologies and advise national technology transfer offices.