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We need Mafi Mushkala - type of guys

to drive our innovation.

- Saudi innovation leader

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I love this country,

I just don’t know why.

- Saudi visionary

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As an innovation leader you’ll loose credibility

if you don’t embrace Open Innovation.

Create Value

Many countries are moving towards knowledge economies. Creating the required innovation eco-systems to stimulate knowledge development offers opportunities for collaboration. This includes vocational training, innovation support, technology transfer, open innovation, skills development, technology localisation, small business incubation and project management.

This is what we do – but we prefer to always collaborate with others.

  • Create real value

    Value in the eyes of the customer. More value at a lower cost

  • Assess important customer and market needs

    Do you solve a desperate need or frustration, not only offer a “nice-to-have”

  • Identify, train and equip innovation champions

    This requires a special person, well talented, collaborative driver, motivator, a rare find

  • Train and shape high performance innovation teams

    A team experienced in design, technical, manufacturing, marketing, finances, legal matters

  • Organisational alignment to create innovation Eco cultures

    Everyone and everything must stimulate and motivate innovation – especially top management

Stimulating and commercialising innovation is one of the most challenging tasks. You have to base your approach on a proven model. We endorse the SRI 5 Disciplines of Innovation developed to help customers achieve success in building innovation eco-systems, and commercialise technology.

Over the past few years, LTN has built strong relationships with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Kingdom is moving towards a knowledge economy. This offers great opportunities for collaboration in the innovation industry. With the right people, approach and mind set, working with Saudi friends can be greatly rewarding for all.